When was Jesus born?

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2000-year-old mysteries of the Bible revealed! What is the Sabbath in the New Testament? Does the lineage of Jesus warn of His coming right from Creation?

2000 Year Old Questions Answered!

  • Why did Jesus only start His public ministry at the age of 30? Was there a specific reason?
  • Are the Arks related? If so, why, and how? Is there another Ark?
  • What is the Sabbath in the New Testament? Does the specific day matter to Christians?
  • Is the coming of Jesus the Messiah foretold since Adam and Eve in the Garden? The lineage of Jesus tells a story.
  • Where exactly was Jesus born and why there specifically? Why is this place important?
  • Why exactly was there darkness on Calvary for precisely three hours when Jesus was crucified?
  • Does the exact day of Jesus’ birth have a specific significance? Find out here.
  • How are all these questions and answers related?
  • The newly revealed answers will Blow Your Mind!
So many unanswered questions!

Do not miss the historical revelations in this book!

After 2000 years we still have questions about the Bible. 2000-year-old mysteries of the Bible revealed!
One of the Apostles said that the truth will be hidden for 2000 years, and he was quoting Jesus. The fact that the apostle said that was hidden for 2000 years! Why?

Find the Answers here Today!

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In this book, I will say to you a few times that faith must make sense. I do not believe for one second that everything in the Bible we cannot find the answer to must be written off by just saying, “we will only partially understand now…”

You see, everything in the Bible is connected. Everything. Adam, to Jesus’ birth, His time on earth, His death on the cross, the Resurrection, the Ascension, and Revelations. Everything.

I reveal the answers here.

But I will also share the other mind-blowing revelations with you. Answers to questions you never knew you had. Until now.

The answers in this book will skyrocket your faith into a whole new dimension. Guaranteed!

And it was right under our noses all these years, but the enemy blinded us for 2000 years.


In this book I will discuss:

Jesus and the Sabbath:

The argument on whether Saturday or Sunday is the correct day to go to church gets put to rest in this book. We look at what Jesus Himself said about the Sabbath and the keeping thereof.


Why was Jesus thirty years old when He started His public ministry? Exactly thirty years old. How can I say that if the Bible says, “about thirty years old”? Because of the Torah and the Prophets, and the rules of priesthood. If Jesus was younger than thirty, He would not have complied with the Levitical laws.

Lineage of Jesus:

We can follow the message of the coming Messiah just by following the lineage of Jesus right from Adam. Every name in Hebrew has meaning, and it brings a message.

The Ark of Moses:

The Ark of Noah and the Ark of Moses (Ark of Covenant) are connected. But that’s not all. It has very important significance in the New Testament and our salvation today.

The Laws of the Tabernacle:

Learn how it connects to the New Testament and is relevant to our salvation today.

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Birthplace of Jesus:

The place where Jesus was born, was no coincidence. God knew exactly where it will be, even before creation. And it is a very important place in the Old Testament. You will find this chapter fascinating.

Darkness of Calvary:

Why did the sun go dark for three hours while Jesus was on the cross? There are many theories, but they are all wrong! I say again, they are all wrong! Yes, God Himself stopped the sun from shining, but the question is why. The answer is truly mind-blowing!

Birthdate of Yahshua (Jesus Christ):

I started this book because of this chapter. Like I said before, I refused to just take everything faith related for granted. When was Jesus born? I refused to believe that we will never know. I kept asking God, “why”, over and over again. It is impossible to even begin to describe the emotions I experienced when I finally figured it out. You and I both know that it would not be possible without God Himself revealing it and without guidance, and constant prompting, from the Holy Spirit.

I honestly believe that you will experience the same emotions, and more, when you discover the answers.

Traditional teachings of the Bible does not satisfy me anymore.

How can I even say this?

I have questions!

There are many mysteries that have not been revealed, but there are also many wrong interpretations, leading us astray.

I do not believe for one second that God meant to keep all things a secret, although it was hidden for 2000 years.

Until now!

God does say that only He knows when the end will be, and Jesus will come on the clouds. Not even Jesus or the angels know. But all of the mysteries in the Bible were not intended to be hidden forever.

You should be a curious Christian. You should ask questions. Lots of questions.

The time for the mysteries, or what Satan has kept hidden, to be revealed is now.

I ask you to keep an open mind and have a teachable spirit.

To me, faith must make sense.

The world says: Seeing is believing. Scripture says that if we believe, we will see.

Now, the Bible says that we must believe like a child.

I do believe like a child. Like a child I asked many questions: “Why”, “Why”, “Why”.

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