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Bible Questions Answered

Bible questions answered
Bible questions?

Are your Bible questions answered. We all have questions about the Bible. Does God exist? How many times have you asked that question? Even if you are a believing Christian? Surely you have many questions and would like them answered.

Nobody ever said that faith will never make sense. I firmly believe that for faith to grow, it must make sense. The “fact” that we must have blind faith the whole time, is a lie. If we continue to believe this lie and blindly believe what we hear and read, we will never grow into the strong believers God wants us to be. If we can have our many Bible questions answered, our faith will grow stronger! Unfortunately, there are many false teachings out there, causing you to doubt your faith, and even doubt whether YHWH (God) really exists.

At 1815 Ministries, we seek the truth that was hidden for 2000 years. However, there are great and excellent ministers and churches out there that do speak and live the truth. We still have a lot to learn about the Bible, but sadly much of the Bible get translated or interpreted wrong, and many so-called “preachers” use the Word of God for personal gain.

The heart of our organization is based on Proverbs 18:15

We constantly seek the connection between the Word of God, almost 6000 years old, and the relevance to our lives today.

How is what we know about psychology today, or think we know, connected to the Bible?

An interesting question… But you do not need a psychologist. I never said you do, but we all have thoughts, needs, desires, mental struggles, etc. What does the Word of God say about our mental struggles in the 21st century? We need Bible questions answered.

Join us as we seek the answers to these and many more questions you possibly never even knew you had about God and His Word.

New Book Released!

Bible Mysteries Revealed

When was Jesus born? Why on that specific date?

Where was Jesus born? Why there?

2000-year-old mysteries of the Bible revealed! What is the Sabbath in the New Testament? Does the lineage of Jesus warn of His coming right from Creation?
Where exactly was Jesus born and why? How are the Arks related? How are the laws of the Tabernacle related to the New Testament? Why the darkness on Calvary? When EXACTLY was Jesus born? All the true answers revealed after 2000 years.

After 2000 years we still have questions about the Bible. What is the Sabbath in the New Testament? Does the lineage of Jesus warn us of His coming right from Creation? Where exactly was Jesus born and why? How are the Arks related? Why the darkness on Calvary? When EXACTLY was Jesus born? Your faith MUST have questions. All the answers revealed after 2000 years.

15 Intelligent people are always ready to learn. Their ears are open for knowledge. (NLT)

  • Why are you still captive?
  • Are your prayers still not answered?
  • Your prayers does not go further than the ceiling. Why?

We seek the truth! And you should too!


You are looking for answers!

If God does exist, why does He not reveal Himself to us?

Are your Bible questions answered?

What does the Bible say about knowledge? To be warriors of Yahushua Messiah (Jesus Christ), we need to be equipped with the truth.

Let me explain:

Over the years, some of the explanations in the Original Bible had been translated wrong. We are not debating whether it was by accident or a deliberate attempt to twist the truth. We are seeking the true descriptions and explanations that appeared in the first Bible Scriptures. Do you want to know: What the Bible says about knowledge?

Bible Questions about translations

By doing so, we have discovered a lot of misrepresentations and misleading teachings due to incorrect translations. Many believe that the original Bible Scriptures were written in Greek, then translated to English. In fact, it was written in Hebrew, then translated to Greek, then English in the King James Bible. It is during the translation to Greek from Hebrew that confusion surfaced. It is also a fact that some books in the Bible has been left out over the years (like the book of Jacob in the New Testament. You will also notice that order of the books in today’s Bibles differ from those in the original Bibles. For example, below is a list of the correct order of the Old and New Testament books in the Bible. For instance, you can compare the above statement by the book order with the order in your own Bible:

Discover the "hidden" truths most churches do not teach you.The truth will set you free!

Bible Questions: Our duty

So, Are you a true follower of Christ? Or should I rather refer to His real Name: Yahushua Messiah?
Or maybe an ordained minister?

Then it is your DUTY:

  • Firstly, to seek the truth!
  • Secondly, speak the truth
  • Thirdly, do research on what the REAL TRUTH is according to the original Word of YAHWEH ELOHIM?
  • Fourthly and more importantly, it does not end there… it continues…

If so, what continues? Truth? Knowledge?

DO YOU SPEAK THE TRUTH, or do you preach the Sugar-coated Gospel to have your seats full on a Sunday morning?

For instance do you tell the people what they want to hear to soothe their souls so they can feel good about their sins?

What the Bible says about knowledge?

Hosea 4:

6 My people perish for lack of
knowledge. Because you rejected the
knowledge, I also rejected you from
being priest to Me. Since you have
forgotten the Torah of your Elohim, I
will forget your sons, even I.
7 As they were increased, so they
sinned against Me. I will change their
glory into shame.
8 They eat up the sin of My people,
and they lift their soul to their iniquity.
9 And it will be, like people, like
priest. And I will visit their ways on
them and repay them for their deeds. (HRB)

What does the Bible say about questions and answers?

The truth will set you free!

As a result of by the “half-truths” by many preachers, sadly, many people are being led to slaughter. Sadder than this is the fact that many preachers were misled themselves when they studied theology. But it is not their fault… well, not at first, anyway, but they have not yet had the urge to ask questions about the Bible and ask Yahweh to reveal His explanation or reveal the truth as He intended).

Therefore, I believe that if you will have questions and seek the truth if you have a true relationship with Yashua.

For example: Did you know that what you grew up to believe about Heaven and hell and eternal life and eternal suffering in hell is totally wrong?

Aha! Now you are curious!

Now that you got a glimpse of what we do at Group 1815, you should make haste to join us and keep updated on new posts or courses.

Who am I to say what the Bible says about knowledge?

Does God exist? During my search I found some answers, but I became even more curious. I am Doctor Francois Meyer, and I still have questions. Consequently, I did not take everything for granted that I learned from preachers or in the Bible. As I attended many churches (of many denominations) over the years, I searched for answers and many questions are still not answered, while others have been. I finally found explanations to some of my questions and Explanations that FINALLY make sense!

Are all my Bible questions answered?

I am still on a mission to seek the truth, and therefore I am not done yet! As a result, my eager search for the truth has led me to a Doctorate of Theology (DTh). Still I am not done! Hence, I will continue my search for the truth.

My search for the REAL TRUTH is shared with you and when I launch a new course or a new sermon, you will find it here on 1815 Ministries. So join me in the search for the truth by Ministry training distance learning.

Bible questions answered

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